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Investment Proposal

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29 juni 2022

We are a private investment banking firm offering equity financing and mortgages. The larger the loan, the more likely the funding. We are not looking for but will consider J.V. depending on the strength of the project.

We also offer credit advisory services to positively impact fiduciary attractiveness which enables our borrowers to qualify for increasing loan amounts throughout the lending process. Thus, our borrowers can qualify for almost any amount of funding they seek.

Please send a 1-2 page summary describing your project along with how much funding you seek to kalra.anil@wealthfunders.org and if it’s a fit, we will reach out to you for more information. Please keep the summary succinct.

Warm Regards
Kalra Anil

Kalra Anil

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28 juni 2022

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23 juni 2022

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21 juni 2022


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16 juni 2022

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13 juni 2022

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13 juni 2022

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